No Tricks, only Treats 🎃

October 2020 Newsletter — Letter #4

Spooky season is here. Do you celebrate Halloween where you are? If so, how are you doing it this year? We don't celebrate Halloween down under in Australia, so we don't have candies for you, only the latest & best tools around.

Good Stuff of the Month:

Calendly is our scheduling of choice. Owned & operated by Black founders, Calendly offers an easy solution for meeting scheduling without the back-and-forth emails. Working as a consultant? You can get paid with each booking via Stripe or Paypal integrations. When we reached out to the Calendly team about an issue, the customer service team were extra helpful while incredibly friendly, which is a big bonus.

You can start using Calendly today for free!

Sales & Marketing Scheduling Tool - Calendly

Freshly Added

  • CSS Scan Pro: Inspect Element, step aside! CSS Scan Pro is in the house. CSS Scan Pro shows you the CSS stylings on any website with one click. You can even re-target any DOM element using arrow keys for navigation around the HTML tree. Need to see how the site looks with your design tweaks? CSS Scan Pro lets you live edit directly on the browser & then copy the code or export as a file.

    You can find CSS Scan Pro under Tools > Testing > Design QA on MakeStuffUp.Info. 

  • We use Basecamp for our project management & holy smokes, it is good. Basecamp has a native group chat & message board besides other standard project management tools to let your team work remotely while being in the loop without the chaos of Zoom meetings. Need more power? Check out their 3rd party integrations.

    You can find CSS Scan Pro under Tools > Operations > Project Management on MakeStuffUp.Info. 

Other Stuff:

Google launched Google Tables Beta seemingly to compete with the entire sphere of productivity tools such as Asana, Jira & Basecamp. If you're in the US & have gotten your hands on Tables, reply to this post to let us know what you think so far about the tools. I'd love to hear your opinions on this & see how this will change the SaSS landscape.

One last thing! Since last month, we've been trying out having Sub-categories as the default view instead of the Card View. This change should make browsing easier & faster access to tools according to your purposes. What do you think about this so far? Does this help you browse the site or do you prefer the old ways? Which view you use the most, or it doesn't matter to you at all? Let us know.

That’s it for this month. We'll see you next month!

Until then, keep on makin’ stuff up.