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June 2021 Newsletter — Letter #12

MakeStuffUp.Info has officially been out in the wild for a year. We’ve reached almost 1000 people. It’s not a big number by today’s standards, but every visit adds fuel for us to build and improve for a low-budget project like this. So thank you for being on this journey with us from the very start.

Let’s get to this month’s latest resources!

Good Stuff of the Month: 

Flutterflow is one of the latest no-code app builders on the market. Flutterflow’s appearance during Google I/O 2021 event further validates the future of no-code development and how no-code tools can empower non-technical makers to build and validate their digital products early on.

You can find Flutterflow under Tools > Development > Mobile App Builders on MakeStuffUp.Info. Start building your Flutter app today for free!

Freshly Added:

  • Because of the pandemic, remote working has been more favourable than ever; companies seek and hire tech workers across borders. Remote.com exists to help solve one of the biggest problems in remote hiring, payroll and HR. With Remote.com, you can hire and onboard overseas team members while still complying legally with the countries where your team members are based.

    You can always find Remote.com under a new category on MakeStuffUp.Info, Tools > Business > HR & Payroll.

  • Similar to Zapier, Automate.io helps you automate your business so you can focus on better things that help your business grow. If you’re looking for a more affordable alternative to Zapier, Automate.io might be the tool for you.

    You can always find Automate.io under Tools > Development > Automation on MakeStuffUp.Info.

  • Got too much copywriting on your plate? Snazzy.ai is here for the rescue. Recently acquired by Unbounce, Snazzy.ai uses AI to generate scalable content, speeding up your content creation workflow for social media ads, landing pages and more.

    You can always find Snazzy.ai under Tools > Writing > Copywriting (another brand new category) on MakeStuffUp.Info.

Other stuff: 

Did you know 90% of websites out there are inaccessible to people with disabilities? In the latest release, ‘Giving a damn about accessibility’ Handbook, UX Collective collaborated with Accessibility Expert, Sheri Byrne-Haber, to discuss the challenges accessibility professionals face daily.

To celebrate the Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), taking place last month, which encourages people to think, discuss, and learn about digital access and inclusion for disabled people, check out the handbook.

Again, thanks so much for being with us in the past year. Your support means more than you know. We’ll see you next month!

Until then, keep on makin’ stuff up.

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