Make, Test, Repeat!

September 2020 Newsletter — Letter #3

Hey there,

Sydney has been moody the last few days, but that’s Australia for ya. How’s the weather where you are at? If you’re in California right now, we wish you safety & a sound mind. As residents of Australia, we understand how terrifying wirefires can be.

For the moment, we hope we can distract you with some design stuff.

Good Stuff of the Month:

Even though Sizzy was initially built for developers, it can be tremendously helpful for designers, too! Sizzy offers an easy way to test your responsive design on devices in all shapes & sizes of you choosing. Better yet, you can inspect elements universally to investigate visual bugs on all devices at-the-same-time. 

Sizzy’s plans start at US$5/month & get rid of those pesky simulators 😉.

Sizzy - The browser for designers and developers | Product ...

Freshly Added:

  • Everyone knows we’re excited about what’s happening in the no-code space. Glide is an app that helps you create an app from Google Sheet, for FREE. We’ve heard great stories about Glide & we can’t wait to get our hands dirty with Glide and make something with it. Check it out & let us know what you think!

    You can always find Glide under Tools > Development on MakeStuffUp.Info.

  • Shiftnudge is a design course created by the design veteran known as MDS, who also created Contrast, our contrast checker of choice for MacOS. The price is a bit hefty, but Matt’s ability to design & teach has been proven over the years. If you need to up your UI game, this is the course for you.

    This is filed under Knowledge > Courses.

  • Accessibility is an uphill battle, to learn, to teach, and to operationalise. A11Y is a part of that mission. Up your accessibility skill learning from the best & use their accessibility checklist to make sure your websites are inclusive & accessible to a broader audience.

    You can find the checklist under Tools > Product Design.

Other Stuff:

Startup 3 is now Startup 4! Our friends at Designmodo are at it again with the excellent work. Building a website is easier than ever. With Startup 4, you can edit text online, upload images & share your projects for feedback.

That’s it for this month. We'll see you again next time!

Until then, keep on makin’ stuff up.