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November 2020 Newsletter — Letter #5

This month, we're doing something a little different & added a ton of new Figma Plugins to the site. Check them out below!

  • Content Reel lets you create custom content & share it with other Figma users so you can design more efficiently by pulling text strings, images & icons. Much similar to Craft in Sketch, but more powerful. You can find Content Reel under Tools > Product Design > Content

  • You wanna create animations directly in Figma instead of opening After Effects? Figmotion is the plugin for you. Figmotion is built with web technologies in mind, allowing a smoother animation hand-off to developers. You can find Figmotion under Tools > Animation > Prototyping

  • A11y Color Contrast Checker ensures your text is readable by adhering to WCAG standards. Check your typography contrast directly in Figma with this plugin! You can find A11y Color Contrast Checker under Tools > Product Design > Accessibility

  • Both To Path & arc are plugins that further the text capabilities in Figma so you don't have to jump into Illustrator. To Path allows you to put any object or text on a path, clone shapes so they repeat along said path & then edit until you're happy. arc only applies to text, letting you curve your text upward, downward or into a circle. Even though To Path is more flexible in its use, arc can be a quick way to bend your text. You can find these two under Tools > Visual > Illustrations & Typography respectively.

  • We haven't met any designer that likes design tables. Table Generator is a plugin setting out to help with this pain by automating the addition of tabular data. Copy paste your data (currently in supported CSV format) and that’s it, a table is generated. You can configure your table's styling including cell width/height, cell paddings, text font size & line height, text alignment & table border radius. You can find Table Generator under Tools > Others > Productivity.

  • The latest plugin added to our collection this month is Viewports, a Figma plugin allowing you to view the most popular viewports used in your region so you can make a better decision at the start of your project. You can find A11y Color Contrast Checker under Tools > Others > Productivity.

Other Stuff:

  • We recently launched the new website. Check it out & let us know what you think. If you like what we did, show your support & vote for us on Webflow Showcase if you have a Webflow account.

  • It's been a big month for MakeUpStuff.Info. The site is now optimised for better performance with beautified URLs. The layout is also adjusted to improve consistencies & viewing experience, allowing a cleaner interface. It's much easier to navigate to articles & sites by simply clicking on the cards, instead of looking for the URLs like before. The covers aren't great at the moment so we'll continue improving the them & descriptions in the upcoming months.

That's it for now. We'll be back with the last newsletter of 2020 next month with more design stuff.

See you then!