Happy Year of the Ox! 🐂🏮🧧

Feb 2021 Newsletter — Letter #8

To anyone who celebrates Lunar New Year, we wish you an industrious & fruitful year ahead of you. We don’t have any lucky money 🧧 for you 😅, only some new resources & tools. Check them out below 👇.

Good Stuff of the Month: 

  • Airtable is not a new player in tech, but new to our collection. Founded in 2012, Airtable aims to provide the flexibility that anyone can take advantage of their business. Described by the company as a spreadsheet with the power of a database (and they’re not kidding), you use Airtable to build CRMs, manage any projects, integrate with Webflow, and so much more. The possibilities are endless.

    Start using Airtable to better organise your work for free.

Freshly Added:

  • Thunkable is another mobile app builder that lets you build native iOS and Android native apps without coding. You start from scratch or using one of the sample apps in their library.

    You can always find Thunkable under Tools > Development > Mobile App Builders on MakeStuffUp.Info.

  • UX Research is HARD! But Smaply is here to help. Smaply helps designers create journey maps & personas so you can spend less time on the tools & more talking to people. You can even share insights, collect feedback & present results quickly to your team with live sharing.

    You can always find Smaply under Tools > Discovery > Mobile App Builders on MakeStuffUp.Info.

  • Brene Brown is a professor, lecturer, author & has one of the most popular TED Talks of all time. The Call to Courage is Brene’s first talk streaming on Netflix. Brene talked candidly about fears & how we can choose courage over comfort. It’s a must-see for everyone, especially those who are in leadership positions.

    You can always find the link to this talk under Tools > Discovery > UX Research on MakeStuffUp.Info.

Other Stuff:

This month is also a special month for us at madeup.studio. We launched Nookly, an All-in-One Digital Product Audit Template. With Nookly, you can audit your product without spending thousands of dollars & hundreds of hours.

Nookly is currently on sale30% OFF for the first 50 purchases. Nookly will never be at this price again. So grab one while this lasts. You’ll be able to access updates forever.

That’s it for now. We’ll see you next month!

Until then, keep on makin’ stuff up.