May we all have a wonderful year in 2️0️2️1️. 🎇

Dec 2020 Newsletter — Letter #6

This is it! Our last MakeStuffUp.Info newsletter of the year & we're going out with a bang. We came across some mind-blowing resources this month. Check them out! 👇

Good Stuff of the Month

Using frameworks to increase productivity are common for developers but not for designers. SystemFlow is gonna change that. SystemFlow is a robust "Designer-First, utility Framework for Webflow & Figma". If you're a fan of Webflow, SystemFlow is a must-have. By using Systemflow, you can build high-quality websites twice as fast, moving seamlessly from Figma to Webflow, while maintaining a Design System from the get-go. We can't do SystemFlow & its capabilities justice in a short paragraph, check it out yourself & don't forget to let us know if you find this useful as we do!

SystemFlow is on sale right now for the holiday season. Get 20% off all plans! Deals end in 7 days.

Freshly Added

  • Stuck with your design? Check out our Inspirations Category if you haven't. Here you can find the best collections of web designs on the internet. The latest addition to Inspirations is Siteinspire. Unstuck your workflow & create better websites with these inspiration sites.

    You can find Siteinspire under Inspirations, directly from the homepage. 

  • The no-code revolution is here to stay! The "world's first platform for no-code & low-code talents" is here. Either you're looking for a helping hand with your project, or looking for a project to help out, Codemap is the place to visit. 

    You can find Codemap under Job Boards, directly from the homepage. 

  • Wanna create 3D visuals, but the learning curve seems too steep? Spline wants to offer a better tool for designing 3D web experiences, approaching 3D like other contemporary design tools. Spline is early but give it a spin & let the guys at Spline know what you can create with it.

    You can find Spline under Tools > Visual Design > 3D on MakeStuffUp.Info. 

Other Stuff

2020 was a wild year. Our parent site,, has reached more than 1400 people since launch in early November. Meanwhile, MakeStuffUp.Info has served more than 600 people since the MVP launch 🙌. also won multiple design awards, which was entirely unexpected for us 🤯. What a way to end a year!

Thank you so much for being a part of this journey! We can't wait to share what we've been planning for MakeUpStuff.Info in 2021.

We understand this holiday season 🎄 will be hard for a lot of folks. No matter where you are right now, we hope you'll find some joy in the midst during this chaotic time.

Finally, we wish you a not-too-turbulent holiday break. 

For now, stop making stuff for a minute. Take a break & call your family. And we'll see you in the new year. 👋