Happy Year of the Ox! 🐂🏮🧧

Feb 2021 Newsletter — Letter #8

To anyone who celebrates Lunar New Year, we wish you an industrious & fruitful year ahead of you. We don’t have any lucky money 🧧 for you 😅, only some new resources & tools. Check them out below 👇.

Good Stuff of the Month: 

  • Airtable is not a new player in tech, but new to our collection. Founded in 2012, Airtable aims to provide the flexibility that anyone can take advantage of their business. Described by the company as a spreadsheet with the power of a database (and they’re not kidding), you use Airtable to build CRMs, manage any projects, integrate with Webflow, and so much more. The possibilities are endless.

    Start using Airtable to better organise your work for free.

Freshly Added:

  • Thunkable is another mobile app builder that lets you build native iOS and Android native apps without coding. You start from scratch or using one of the sample apps in their library.

    You can always find Thunkable under Tools > Development > Mobile App Builders on MakeStuffUp.Info.

  • UX Research is HARD! But Smaply is here to help. Smaply helps designers create journey maps & personas so you can spend less time on the tools & more talking to people. You can even share insights, collect feedback & present results quickly to your team with live sharing.

    You can always find Smaply under Tools > Discovery > Mobile App Builders on MakeStuffUp.Info.

  • Brene Brown is a professor, lecturer, author & has one of the most popular TED Talks of all time. The Call to Courage is Brene’s first talk streaming on Netflix. Brene talked candidly about fears & how we can choose courage over comfort. It’s a must-see for everyone, especially those who are in leadership positions.

    You can always find the link to this talk under Tools > Discovery > UX Research on MakeStuffUp.Info.

Other Stuff:

This month is also a special month for us at madeup.studio. We launched Nookly, an All-in-One Digital Product Audit Template. With Nookly, you can audit your product without spending thousands of dollars & hundreds of hours.

Nookly is currently on sale30% OFF for the first 50 purchases. Nookly will never be at this price again. So grab one while this lasts. You’ll be able to access updates forever.

That’s it for now. We’ll see you next month!

Until then, keep on makin’ stuff up.

And the world keeps spinning. 🌍

Jan 2021 Newsletter — Letter #7

So far, 2021 hasn’t been the year of good news as everyone hoped. The pandemic & the civil struggles in America continue to affect a vast majority of people. For our community members who are residing in the US, we hope you’re staying safe & continuing fighting for the good fight of an equal & equitable society. For now, we can at least celebrate Trump being banned from most of the internet.

Good Stuff of the Month

Ruined By Design by Mike Monteiro seemed particularly apt to be Good Stuff of January 2021. Published in 2019, the book reflects how the world is completely fucked over by design. Yes, designers need to do better! Tech companies finally woke up to the reality of the world they’ve helped created & maintained. If you haven’t come across Mike & his work, this book is a good start.

Pick this book up as an ebook, hardcover or old-schooled awesome zine on Mike’s website & start taking responsibilities for the things we put into the world today.

Freshly Added

  • We’ve been big fans of the Cabana Design System for Sketch for a few years now. Cabana is finally available Figma! If you’re looking forward an extensive library of Components to click start your design process, look no further! Cabana provides hundreds of auto-layout powered components so you can design whatever your heart desires.

    You can always find both Cabana Systems under Tools > Product Design > Kits on MakeStuffUp.Info. 

  • A profile picture can make or break your profile. Profile Pic Maker is available for anyone to create awesome profile pictures for free. Profile Pic Maker removes backgrounds & makes you look great with shadows & patterns, with a click of a button (and then a couple more to make it yours).

    You can always find Profile Pic Maker under Tools > Marketing > Social Media on MakeStuffUp.Info.

  • Hootsuite is not a new player in the Social Media Scheduling ecosystem. Using a stream layout, Hootsuite provides a unique way to manage & schedule your social media posts for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram AND Youtube. Start using Hootsuite for free today & upgrade as you grow.

    You can always find Hootsuite under Tools > Marketing > Social Media on MakeStuffUp.Info.

Other Stuff

Global search is now available! Check it out & let us know what you think. Big shoutouts to the Super.so team to bring this feature live for all Super Sites like ours.

We’re also looking at a busy year ahead of us at madeup.studio. We can’t wait to share more with you what we’re planning for MakeStuffUp.Info.

That’s it for January. We’ll chat with you next month!

Until then, keep on makin’ stuff up.

May we all have a wonderful year in 2️0️2️1️. 🎇

Dec 2020 Newsletter — Letter #6

This is it! Our last MakeStuffUp.Info newsletter of the year & we're going out with a bang. We came across some mind-blowing resources this month. Check them out! 👇

Good Stuff of the Month

Using frameworks to increase productivity are common for developers but not for designers. SystemFlow is gonna change that. SystemFlow is a robust "Designer-First, utility Framework for Webflow & Figma". If you're a fan of Webflow, SystemFlow is a must-have. By using Systemflow, you can build high-quality websites twice as fast, moving seamlessly from Figma to Webflow, while maintaining a Design System from the get-go. We can't do SystemFlow & its capabilities justice in a short paragraph, check it out yourself & don't forget to let us know if you find this useful as we do!

SystemFlow is on sale right now for the holiday season. Get 20% off all plans! Deals end in 7 days.

Freshly Added

  • Stuck with your design? Check out our Inspirations Category if you haven't. Here you can find the best collections of web designs on the internet. The latest addition to Inspirations is Siteinspire. Unstuck your workflow & create better websites with these inspiration sites.

    You can find Siteinspire under Inspirations, directly from the homepage. 

  • The no-code revolution is here to stay! The "world's first platform for no-code & low-code talents" is here. Either you're looking for a helping hand with your project, or looking for a project to help out, Codemap is the place to visit. 

    You can find Codemap under Job Boards, directly from the homepage. 

  • Wanna create 3D visuals, but the learning curve seems too steep? Spline wants to offer a better tool for designing 3D web experiences, approaching 3D like other contemporary design tools. Spline is early but give it a spin & let the guys at Spline know what you can create with it.

    You can find Spline under Tools > Visual Design > 3D on MakeStuffUp.Info. 

Other Stuff

2020 was a wild year. Our parent site, madeup.studio, has reached more than 1400 people since launch in early November. Meanwhile, MakeStuffUp.Info has served more than 600 people since the MVP launch 🙌. madeup.studio also won multiple design awards, which was entirely unexpected for us 🤯. What a way to end a year!

Thank you so much for being a part of this journey! We can't wait to share what we've been planning for MakeUpStuff.Info in 2021.

We understand this holiday season 🎄 will be hard for a lot of folks. No matter where you are right now, we hope you'll find some joy in the midst during this chaotic time.

Finally, we wish you a not-too-turbulent holiday break. 

For now, stop making stuff for a minute. Take a break & call your family. And we'll see you in the new year. 👋

Figma Plugins for you, and you, and you, and you...

November 2020 Newsletter — Letter #5

This month, we're doing something a little different & added a ton of new Figma Plugins to the site. Check them out below!

  • Content Reel lets you create custom content & share it with other Figma users so you can design more efficiently by pulling text strings, images & icons. Much similar to Craft in Sketch, but more powerful. You can find Content Reel under Tools > Product Design > Content

  • You wanna create animations directly in Figma instead of opening After Effects? Figmotion is the plugin for you. Figmotion is built with web technologies in mind, allowing a smoother animation hand-off to developers. You can find Figmotion under Tools > Animation > Prototyping

  • A11y Color Contrast Checker ensures your text is readable by adhering to WCAG standards. Check your typography contrast directly in Figma with this plugin! You can find A11y Color Contrast Checker under Tools > Product Design > Accessibility

  • Both To Path & arc are plugins that further the text capabilities in Figma so you don't have to jump into Illustrator. To Path allows you to put any object or text on a path, clone shapes so they repeat along said path & then edit until you're happy. arc only applies to text, letting you curve your text upward, downward or into a circle. Even though To Path is more flexible in its use, arc can be a quick way to bend your text. You can find these two under Tools > Visual > Illustrations & Typography respectively.

  • We haven't met any designer that likes design tables. Table Generator is a plugin setting out to help with this pain by automating the addition of tabular data. Copy paste your data (currently in supported CSV format) and that’s it, a table is generated. You can configure your table's styling including cell width/height, cell paddings, text font size & line height, text alignment & table border radius. You can find Table Generator under Tools > Others > Productivity.

  • The latest plugin added to our collection this month is Viewports, a Figma plugin allowing you to view the most popular viewports used in your region so you can make a better decision at the start of your project. You can find A11y Color Contrast Checker under Tools > Others > Productivity.

Other Stuff:

  • We recently launched the new madeup.studio website. Check it out & let us know what you think. If you like what we did, show your support & vote for us on Webflow Showcase if you have a Webflow account.

  • It's been a big month for MakeUpStuff.Info. The site is now optimised for better performance with beautified URLs. The layout is also adjusted to improve consistencies & viewing experience, allowing a cleaner interface. It's much easier to navigate to articles & sites by simply clicking on the cards, instead of looking for the URLs like before. The covers aren't great at the moment so we'll continue improving the them & descriptions in the upcoming months.

That's it for now. We'll be back with the last newsletter of 2020 next month with more design stuff.

See you then!

No Tricks, only Treats 🎃

October 2020 Newsletter — Letter #4

Spooky season is here. Do you celebrate Halloween where you are? If so, how are you doing it this year? We don't celebrate Halloween down under in Australia, so we don't have candies for you, only the latest & best tools around.

Good Stuff of the Month:

Calendly is our scheduling of choice. Owned & operated by Black founders, Calendly offers an easy solution for meeting scheduling without the back-and-forth emails. Working as a consultant? You can get paid with each booking via Stripe or Paypal integrations. When we reached out to the Calendly team about an issue, the customer service team were extra helpful while incredibly friendly, which is a big bonus.

You can start using Calendly today for free!

Freshly Added

  • CSS Scan Pro: Inspect Element, step aside! CSS Scan Pro is in the house. CSS Scan Pro shows you the CSS stylings on any website with one click. You can even re-target any DOM element using arrow keys for navigation around the HTML tree. Need to see how the site looks with your design tweaks? CSS Scan Pro lets you live edit directly on the browser & then copy the code or export as a file.

    You can find CSS Scan Pro under Tools > Testing > Design QA on MakeStuffUp.Info. 

  • We use Basecamp for our project management & holy smokes, it is good. Basecamp has a native group chat & message board besides other standard project management tools to let your team work remotely while being in the loop without the chaos of Zoom meetings. Need more power? Check out their 3rd party integrations.

    You can find Basecamp under Tools > Operations > Project Management on MakeStuffUp.Info. 

Other Stuff:

Google launched Google Tables Beta seemingly to compete with the entire sphere of productivity tools such as Asana, Jira & Basecamp. If you're in the US & have gotten your hands on Tables, reply to this post to let us know what you think so far about the tools. I'd love to hear your opinions on this & see how this will change the SaSS landscape.

One last thing! Since last month, we've been trying out having Sub-categories as the default view instead of the Card View. This change should make browsing easier & faster access to tools according to your purposes. What do you think about this so far? Does this help you browse the site or do you prefer the old ways? Which view you use the most, or it doesn't matter to you at all? Let us know.

That’s it for this month. We'll see you next month!

Until then, keep on makin’ stuff up.

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